HWE 110 Hard Mount Washer


Life can be very difficult and at times overwhelming. There are so many tasks to take care of, especially when you have several things to take care of at once. From taking care of yourself, everyone else, and running around trying to handle all of your other tasks, there’s not much time left for something that can take large amounts of time out of your day.  An area where many people struggle is with the laundry. Getting laundry done can take up your whole day especially depending on the amount of clothing you will be taking care of, and using premium laundry equipment is the best way to get ahead with this particular chore. The HWE 110 Hard Mount Washer is a great way to get laundry done quickly and efficiently. So if you are struggling trying to get everything done, make doing laundry easier by using the HWE 110 Hard Mount Washer.


Features and Benefits of the HWE 110 Hard Mount Washer

The HWE 110 has seals and bearings that are made of high quality material, so they won’t wear down easily because of repeated wash cycles. The front seal on the HWE 110- is a water seal, and on the back there is an oil seal. So you shouldn’t have any problems with liquids leaking out of you washing machine like you may have experienced previously with other machines. The HWE 110 also uses cylinder and ball bearing to extend the life of your machine. This washer also features a stainless steel drum and panels that are corrosion resistant. This washer also features a single motor inverter that adjusts to both clockwise and counterclockwise while in use. The HWE 110 also provides you with low, medium, and high adjustable speeds to help increase efficiency.


The HWE 110 also features a large loading/unloading door to help make your job easier. The door is expertly sealed, and is acid and alkali resistant. The drive belt used in this washer has a V-ring Belt design, and the seal ring has lip seals as well. The HWE 110 is properly named because it can actually wash up to 110 lbs of clothing which makes it a great choice for boutique hotels and other facilities that will be washing larger loads of laundry than the normal household load.


Purchasing the HWE 110 Hard Mount Washer

If you think the HWE 110- is right for your company, contact a representative to be sure that this is the best option for your particular situation. When making a big decision like this one, it is important that you work with a company that is knowledgeable about the topic. RAMCO Laundry Machinery has been providing laundry machinery for years, and will be happy to help you throughout this process. RAMCO representatives are very well trained and knowledgeable about their machinery, so you should feel comfortable working with anyone you may come into contact with. RAMCO Laundry Machinery services DFW and the Houston area, so when you are ready to move forward and purchase the HWE 110 hard Mount Washer, contact a RAMCO representative today.