Spartan Towel Folding Machine


Getting everything done can be very difficult and at times overwhelming. There are several tasks to take care of throughout the day, and when you have so many things to do laundry can quickly become a burden. Once your laundry has been washed and dried, you still have to get it all organized and distributed to the proper location or stored for later use. Trying to fold all of your laundry can be nearly impossible. Folding clothing and bedding at home for your own family can take hours, so doing the same for an even larger number of people can turn into a chore that you will never catch up on. To help you out with your folding, you should consider using the Spartan Towel Folder. The Spartan Towel Folder will help you get more work done while maintaining efficiency. If you are interested in making your job of folding easier so that you can take care of your other daily tasks, you need the Spartan Towel Folder.


Features and Benefits of the Spartan Towel Folder

The Spartan Towel Folder is capable of automatically sorting 3 items into one formula. This will allow you to get more work done because you won’t have to constantly readjust the input so you wont have to waste that extra time. The Spartan also automatically adjusts the folds for each item that runs through the machine, so you won’t have to enter much data into the machine at the start or throughout the folding process for this feature as well. The Spartan also uses a friendly microprocessor control system so that all of your employees will be able to easily operate the towel folder by themselves. The Spartan also has 2 fully adjustable lateral folds with 2 cross folds.


Another great feature of the Spartan Towel Folder is that it is virtually silent and maintenance free. The Spartan is very well constructed, so you shouldn’t have any maintenance problems at all. The Spartan also has three separate discharge conveyors mounted underneath to allow for easy laundry sorting. You can start the machine via photocell, continuous or automatic preset delay. The Spartan also produces easy to read statistic counters so you can better understand the produced performance reports. The Spartan Towel Folder has a maximum linen size of 47 x 76, so even your largest of towels and linens will be able to pass through the machine. This also makes it great for boutique hotels and other small facilities where they will be doing larger amounts of laundry and folding than normal.


Purchasing the Spartan Towel Folder

Once you have decided that the Spartan Towel Folder is right for your company, contact a representative to be sure that it’s the best option for your specific situation. When making a big decision like this one, it is important that you work with a company that is knowledgeable about the topic. RAMCO Laundry Machinery has been providing laundry equipment for years, and will be happy to help you throughout this process. RAMCO representatives are very well trained and knowledgeable about their machinery, so you should feel comfortable working with anyone you may come into contact with. RAMCO Laundry Machinery services Grand Prairie, Dallas, and Houston,  so when you are ready to move forward and purchase the Spartan Towel Folder, contact a RAMCO representative today.