• Zeus Steam Ironer

    Zeus Steam Ironer

    Zeus Steam Ironer

    Manufacturer Code:Zeus


    This efficient, large-scale, dual chest, double roll ironing machine uses the latest technology to produce high volume ironing Zeus is a reliable and low operating cost option for your laundry room. It can handle all kinds of cotton and chemical ber sheets, tablecloths, linen quilt and other types of fabrics. 

    Main Features:

    • Programmable, user friendly color touch screen

    • The single motor drive and inverter adjusts the ironing speed according to steam pressure, fabric types, rate of water content, etc

    • The exibility of the drum, springs, and pad combined with the correct amount of heat, compensate for unevenness of fabrics therefore allowing the fabrics to have maximum contact with the drum and tank surface for better ironing results

    • The lower arc bridge plate has several small holes from where steam may enter to create a high-speed stream vortex. This vortex helps dry damp linen as it irons and improves dry linen ironing speed and quality

    • Heating chest uses a unique multi-sided heating chamber design with thermal cycles The external chest’s insulated layer reduces heat loss. This also reduces heat into the laundry room.

    • Zeus Ironer has several protection systems to ensure safe operation such as a nger guard protection system, automatic shut down, and emergency stop buttons

    • If an item gets stuck in the ironer, the machine will immediately shut down, lifting the roller, so that the operator can remove the fabric and prevent damage

    • 208-240/60/3 or 480/60/3 Electrical Service (Must Specify) 

    Download more information here.