RAMCO’s DS/DE 60 Industrial Dryer

RAMCO’s DS/DE 60 Industrial Dryer is designed for small commercial loads up to 60 lbs., and is the smallest model in a broad line of dryers with load capacities ranging up to 230 lbs. This user-friendly model features microprocessor controls, is fully automatic and is ideal for drying a variety of fabrics. It also offers the convenience of automatic control and timer drying, as well as an automatic-reversal drum. Its large window allows the user to check on drying conditions, and the lint drawer is easily accessible. The dimensions of this unit are 50” x 41” x 70” (L x W x H).  Safety switches throughout the dryer also provide protection for the operator. The DS/DE 60 is available for 208-240/60/3 or 480/60/3 Electrical Service.