Soft Mount Washers Series (SWE)

Dallas/Fort Worth-based RAMCO Laundry Machinery, Inc. carries a full line of commercial laundry equipment, including large-capacity washers/extractors. 


RAMCO’s SWE110 lb., SWE 180 lb., SWE230 lb., SWE285 lb., SWE375 lb., and SWE450 lb. washers are ruggedly built with fewer parts than most commercial washers. They are soft mount machines with reduced vibration, making them a great choice for single- and upper-story installations. Many of RAMCO’s machines are also available in tilting models.  


RAMCO washers are constructed from high-quality, stainless steel materials and include innovative yet easy-to-use microprocessor controls with color touch screens. With 300gs extracting force, drying time is reduced, saving energy costs. The cylinders are electro polished and embossed, preventing material snags and tears and increasing the life of linens. These washers have four to five cup automatic dispensers and an easy access drain – no more crawling in the trench!  


From laundry design and layout to installation and maintenance, RAMCO is the single source for all commercial laundry needs.